Nichole Webb, MA, LPC - Relationship Counselor, Therapist & Coach
Counseling & Coaching
The key distinction between coaching and counseling (or therapy) has more to do with mindset than method.  While both coaching and counseling (or therapy) can help people make major life changes, coaching liberates counseling (or therapy) from it's medical, pathology-based underpinnings and focuses wholly on human strength, positive passions, and the nurturance of untapped possibilities (Dean, 2001)

Coachingis beneficial when you do not have a “presenting issue”, per se.  Rather a goal or vision for the future, or a desire to improve one’s live your best life! It is focused on being pro-active, setting goals & taking action. Relationship coaching focuses on current strengths and PREVENTS issues from happening later.
Counseling is beneficial when you have depression, anxiety or other mood disturbances (chronic, off and on, or situational), may have a history of emotional or physical trauma.  Relationship counseling can help if there is discord or marital crisis.   Counseling is usually covered/partially covered by major medical insurances (depends on policy). 

Nichole provides both counseling and coaching services for adults, couples and families. She recognizes today's couples and families come in various forms and welcomes anyone with a desire to open their hearts, minds and build better relationships with each other and themselves.  

Her goal  is to provide support and compassion to her clients while assisting them in their personal growth, while teaching them to live better lives and have healthier, more rewarding relationships by creating balance and learning to manage their stress.

Please Note:  Insurance does not cover coaching but does cover counseling and therapy (only if you have met the criteria for a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety).  Nichole is on most major insurance provider networks. 

She can help you decide which service(s) best meets your needs during your FREE consultation.  Call (304) 416-3782 to schedule and start living your BEST life!

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